Photo by Elena Melnik

В Москве до сих пор холодно, но я надеюсь, что это последний образ в теплой одежде в этом сезоне!

На этот раз я остановилась на черной плиссированной юбке, черном шерстяном пальто и уютном свитере. И конечно, никак без акцентов: массивное ожерелье, ботинки и юбка с эффектными вырезами. Все же в любую погоду можно выглядеть стильно, просто уделяйте внимание деталям!

I was wering:

Skirt, sweater, necklace - Zara
Coat - Marella
Bag - Christian Dior

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  1. Алена, великолепный образ!
    И я в восторге от фотографий!)

  2. Sara Jô says:

    Love the skirts and the layers!

  3. TERESA A says:

    Absolutely love the skirt and that I'm in love with that Zara jumper! I have the same one..X


  4. Wow perfect! this is beyond beautiful!
    Kisses from Miami,

  5. This skirt is fabulous! So chic! You look fabulous as always

  6. Lauren says:

    Beautiful outfit! I love your sweater!


  7. Vikee says:

    You look amazing
    I like the idea of wearing a necklace around the turtleneck
    Fabulous ensemble

    Love Vikee

  8. Спасибо, Диана!))

  9. Cute))i`ve visited your blog!

  10. Gina Vi says:

    I love the skird♥
    You are so beautiful, dear!
    Have a nice day!

  11. ann.gie says:

    the combo of heavy knit with gorgeous necklace is great!

  12. lovely look ;]]


  13. Very nice outfit. I love it.
    Thank you very much for stopping by my blog.

  14. замечательный образ,хорошая идея с плиссированной юбкой!

  15. Спасибо, Наталия!)

  16. DeVs says:

    look beautiful


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  18. what a gorgeous outfit! I'm suddenly jealous that it is already hot where I am haha x

  19. lovely statement necklace

  20. Love it :)
    you have a really gorgeous hair >.< so long...

    following you with GFC now, thank for visiting my blog :)

    Love, Leonita

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  22. Mari says:

    I did the same question! :(

    fantastic skirt

  23. IndieSan says:

    amazing outfit

  24. Jen27 says:

    Beautiful outfit! Love the pleats on the skirt and the sweater looks ultra cozy. So pretty! xo


  25. I love the combination with the black and the lavender turtleneck. I am following like you asked, via GFC and Bloglovin' ^_^

    Laila from Townhouse Palette ♥

  26. Danny says:

    wow you look super elegant <3

  27. Your pictures always get me so inspired! Really!
    I can previous a lot of sucess for your blog!

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  28. Thank you soo much! Happy to hear that!

  29. Love your outfit!! The necklace is so cute


  30. Joana Sá says:

    So adorable skirt!!!

    Kiss kiss.*Jo

  31. Love the simple & stylish outfit, great look!

  32. Anete says:

    Following you, adorable blog! :)

  33. Nice pictures

  34. Great post!

  35. Mary says:

    nice bag!!!!

  36. Lovely outfit, the spring has disappeared here as well. Hope it's back asap!


  37. I love everything, everything looks so cool!


  38. awhite says:

    You look so chic!
    Hopefully spring blooms for you soon!


  39. Nice pics! Love these styles! They all look genius!
    Thanks for your sharing and posting!
    Have a nice day!

  40. Lady Di says:

    Hello dear, I'm very happy for you visiting my blog, i loved you blog and i'm following you
    have a good night :)

  41. OMG, your are amazing! your hair, your beauty, your style!! :)

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  42. so cute and amazin' outfit! xx

  43. you look lovely this is a great idea of look I love this maxi sweater with the pretty little necklace!

  44. Love this skirt! You look gorgeous! :)

    xoxo :)

  45. Louise says:

    Oh wow, such beautiful photos of such a beautiful outfittt <3

  46. Gorgeous outfit! I love how your layering works great altogether! :)

  47. CARLINHA says:

    Following you....

    Gorgeous Coat.


    Following you

  48. very nice blog, you look great!

  49. Oh my god girl, her style is amazing. Your blog is beautiful, I will always visit and am now following you.

  50. Super elegant Bag and skirt LOVE LOVE
    Following you, adorable blog! :)

  51. These photos are amazing!
    They show all the details


  52. <333 amazing blog !!1

  53. Ella says:

    Lovely pics and outfit!! You are very beautiful nothing new. I love your skirt. ;)

  54. I love it! Perfect hair :)

  55. Hello, lovely blog you have :) I followed you as you requested x

  56. I like your necklace and I wish the heat come soon.

  57. It's still pretty cold in UK too. By the way, you look gorgeous!! :) xx

    Kiss me Sunday // Bloglovin

  58. Gorgeous outfit! The sweater looks so beautiful! :)


  59. Io Nelly says:

    Alena, I love your blog! The photos are great and your outfit flawless! The skirt is my favorite!

  60. you look so stunning Alens!!
    Love your blog!

  61. U look stunning

  62. dreamer says:

    HOLA , vuelve a estar en funcionamiento!!! , 3 nuevos post ... pasate , comenta y si te gusta sigueme :)

    PD: wow! you are so pretty , i love your style and this skirt is too cool!!! , now im going to follow you!! nice blog

  63. Nneka N. says:

    There is absolutely nothing not to love about this outfit!

  64. Stunning...beautiful!!!
    I adore :)

  65. P. says:

    wow you are amazing! Beauty
    I love the outfit <3 chack out my blog xo

  66. You have an incredible style ! I followed you via GFC (1010) as you asked on my blog !

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